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About Me
Shawn Taylor

Shawn, affectionately known as, “TK” by close friends received his degree in clinical psych with a minor in sociology from Virginia State University and subsequently pursued a master’s degree in education as well. After an additional year and a half in a clinical psychology psy.d program in Southern Illinois University(SIU) subsequently Shawn turned his focus from the mind to the body, pursuing education in fitness when he received his certification in 2006 becoming an AFAA CPT.  

To become a more educated trainer he decided to pursue fitness on a competitive level to add to his arsenal. He competed in several shows including the Show Me Naturals bodybuilding show (St. Louis, Mo.) becoming the overall champion, The Natural Diamond Championships, (Wichita KS), middleweight Champion, The Heart of America Mid Atlantic championships, overall champion. 
Bodybuilding as a competitive pursuit is very rewarding, if kept in proper perspective but there was still something missing. Shawn went back to the “classroom,” with Billy Blanks, the creator the of the popular Tae Bo craze, as the instructor. At the time Shawn was the only Tae Bo certified instructor in the state and region.

Shawn begin doing fitness segments for both tv: Take it off Tuesday, Summer Slimdown, and The New Year’s Change with The Heartland’s Fitness Guy and radio, America’s Fitness Guy, Fitness Guy radio.  
After several years away from the competitive pursuits Shawn decided to return to the stage where the win streak continued. In 2011 Shawn left competitive bodybuilding and entered the world of competitive physique modeling by way of the Central US championships in KC, Mo. Where he won in pro his WBFF Pro Card, a photoshoot with Status Magazine and an invite to walk the world stage in Toronto Canada and compete for the World championships. August of that year he rocked the stage with some of the world’s best physiques. He placed 8th but that’s in the world among some of the best physiques on the planet.
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